Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Only a professional physiotherapist can or should be allowed to design a tailor-made physio program for any Scoliosis patient. Every curve is different, every patient is different.

As a teenager, I saw the physiotherapist at UH (now more commonly known as UMMC) a few times so that she could update my physio-exercise regime. The odd thing though, back then, regular physio sessions weren't really the priority. If I recall correctly, I saw the physio once when we first discovered my scoliosis (at 12 years old). She gave me several exercises to do twice or three times a day (or more often if I could manage it) on my own at home. Then about 6 months later my Dad insisted we saw the physiotherapist again, so they gave us another session but with a different therapist. About a year later, Mum asked them if we needed to see the physiotherapist again, but they said there was no need.

To this day I do wonder if things could've been different if they put equal importance on both physio and bracing instead of just emphasizing on the importance of bracing to contain the curves because research now shows that in many cases bracing made no difference.

Now patients have more options and have more voice. We SHOULD remember that we have a voice and we have the right to ask questions and voice out our hesitations and doubts. If your doctors do not give your voice much attention, that is simply unacceptable.

A lot of young people with Scoliosis are going for regular physio and in some cases bracing isn't the main emphasis (depending on the individual cases and the doctors handling the case). So hopefully there are now more ways for us to live more comfortably with our curves and handle our pain better.

Okay back to physio.

Does physio help? I am not a trained professional, but I am a Scoliosis patient who's lived with it for 20 years. So yes, I believe physiotherapy helps.

In terms of whether it helps reduce the curves, I cannot say because I have no real knowledge, no personal experience or authority to say such things.

But in terms of pain management, physiotherapy exercises do help most patients manage their pain better, I believe.

Everyone is different and have different opinions, of course. What I felt was that although there might be some discomfort or pain when you're doing the exercises, the spine and back muscles do feel a whole lot better after you've done the exercises.

So in conclusion, if you have pain due to Scoliosis, looking into physiotherapy might help you manage your pain better.


Little lazy bun in K.L. said...

I do agree with you that we shall emphasize on physiotherapy and not just stupid bracing case.

How much you pay per session of your physiotherapy if i may ask? I have scoliosis and the rare is I'm a male.

Can you tell me more about your therapy?


Cik Husnil Bariah said...

Agree. I have scoliosis. My curve is about 40 degrees. I go to DSH for physiotheraphy once per week.
During my observation, it reduce my back pain a lot.

小雨公主 said...

45 degrees upper and 28 degrees curve at my lower back... I wonder if physiotherapy will help since I am 22 already now... any suggestions? =)

TearBeauty said...

saya ingin bertanya 1 soalan kepada yang berkenaan.. adakah setiap yg menghadapi masalah scoliosis ini mempunyai ketinggian yg lebih rendah.. kerana sya hanya memiliki ketinggian 142 cm sedangkan saya rasa saya seorang yg tinggi memandangkan saya mempunyai jari yang agak panjg seperi jari telunjuk 7 cm..

Little lazy bun in K.L. said...


You are having S shaped curve?
Yes, physiotherapy can help.
I would like to suggest you Spinal Inc in Plaza Mont Kiara for further details you might doubt in your mind.

I just started physiotherapy not long ago, and today will be my 7th session physio in Spinal Inc.
The package is RM 6880 for 72 visits. If you sign up the package first day you visit there, you can waive RM 200 for the consultant fee. That means you get consulted the first day and immediately you can start the physio for 1st session, and you only pay rm 6880.

If you would like to know the environment, you can share my blog as I written down all my session there. :)

Chang Ying said...

check this out: http://www.scoliosishk.com/p7.htm

best physio to the best of my knowledge

Steven Wong said...

Has anyone tried the CLEAR method for Scoliosis treatment. You can see their method on youtube and also their website:

Unfortunately, they do not have any clinics in Malaysia, but only in Singapore.

I tried the Spincor brace for my son for about a year, but the curve did not improve.

Dr Stitzel said...

I'm not sure how many of you are aware of the recent scientific developments and breakthroughs that have or are recently occurring in the field of scoliosis treatment. Prognostic testing/technology in the way of genetic testing and blood tests are now able to determine which early stage scoliosis patients are most likely to experience severe curve progression. This presents a new and unique opportunity for early stage scoliosis intervention rehab programs to reduce and eliminate many of the "at risk" smaller curve cases before they progress to much more complex and difficult large curvature cases. It’s actually quite revolutionary and amazing. You can find a lot more info on this type of stuff at http://www.treatingscoliosis.com

Chris said...

I have posted my entire description. Of how I removed ALL of the tension, causing my son’s infliction of Idiopathic Scoliosis. I have proved a tight tendon causes Scoliosis. It is a hidden tension. Anyone with Scoliosis can try the test I propose, to identify the tension in the presence of their doctor. Ask the doctor why the leg cannot be elevated. And then the stretch I describe that I used to remove the tension causing my son’s infliction of Idiopathic Scoliosis, if the doctor will allow it. How can doctors not understand to cause a back to get that distorted it has to be tension. The tension needs to be recognized and removed, before an angle has formed. Again, I am not a doctor. I am just describing my opinion, and the WONDERFUL RESULTS I was able to attain. In removing the cause of my son's Idiopathic Scoliosis. When the angle increases to 40 degrees, Spinal Fusion surgery is normally performed to stop the progression of the angle. I have been able to reduce the intensity of my son's angle, by 20%. Just from doing one stretch. He now has no problems. Not like after a year of doctor prescribed treatment, where his angle increased. I have been able to reduce his angle by 20%, just from performing one stretch. Scoliosis Prevention & How I Lessened the Intensity

ScliosisPrevention.us said...
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ScliosisPrevention.us said...

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ScliosisPrevention.us said...

Everyone needs to Perform the "Hidden Tension" test I developed. It is all explained on my web site: WWW.SCOLIOSISPREVENTION.US

Novak Jim said...

I agree physiotherapy is best treatment for all of those who have scoliosis. They recover properly through the therapy.
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