Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tips on Wearing Body Braces to School

Many have asked me about how it is like for a teenager to wear braces nearly 24 hours a day. Many have also asked for advice on how to make braces-wearing easier.

The truth is that I cannot speak for all patients who've experienced bracing. I can only speak of myself and share my experience with others. And because each of us has somewhat different experiences, that is why it is so important for us to share stories and information... because maybe our stories and experiences would be useful and insightful to others who are going through similar situations.

So lets talk about wearing braces to school.

This is Malaysia. It's hot, humid and sticky here. Tourists come here to parade around in sleeveless or shorts and bikini tops.

The last thing any girl (or boy) wants to do is wear a hard, thick plastic corset under those warm layers of school uniforms.

Our friend Twilight Princess (I hope you don't mind me quoting you here) mentioned that she wears the SpineCor brace. I Googled it and this is what I found.

Apparently SpineCor braces are dynamic braces which allow more flexibility in movements as compared to older braces made of hard plastics and metal.

But let's face it. The truth that we cannot deny is that no matter how "flexible" or "dynamic" braces are... braces are still braces.

Braces brace your body. They have a job to do. That job is to hold your spine in place, to ensure that your curves are managed and not worsen.

The following is a detailed photo of a SpineCor brace.

These photos are put here as illustrations to show what we have to put on our bodies. These braces made of synthetic materials which should be worn above cotton singlets or cotton t-shirts should ideally go underneath your day-to-day clothes because noone really wants to go around wearing braces over their day clothes. So that's how I wore it; I wore a cotton singlet under the braces to help absorb sweat and minimize abrasion on the skin, and over the braces I wore my normal clothes. So when I went to school, I wore my school baju kurung above the braces.

I'm sure seasoned braces-wearers know all this already ;)

Okay, so below here are some tips on wearing braces to school on a daily basis. Anyone out there who would like to add their own tips, please feel free to add to this content in the comment box. Thanks!

  • Choose comfortable, absorbent camisoles/singlets or thin t-shirts (preferably ones that are body-fitting) to be worn underneath the braces. Loose singlets/t-shirts are less comfortable because the braces are made skin-tight (molded to your body) and if you wear a loose undergarment, they'll create folds under the tight braces and once you start sweating, the folds of the clothes could eventually cause discomfort and itchiness. So try to look for cotton singlets that cover all surfaces of your body which the braces covers. As shown in the pictures above, the girl is wearing a nice fitting t-shirt which covers all the parts of her body that the braces covers. If there are parts of your body which comes in direct contact with the braces, it can be quite uncomfortable because sweat could make skin in that area become red and itchy.
  • Do have a soothing balm or lotion at hand. The braces could cause redness and itchiness on your skin, and you will feel this mainly when you take off the braces. I personally used a lot of aloe vera gel and vitamin E lotion. Sometimes I had rashes because of the heat and sweat, and I found that putting on medicated powder before you put on the braces, and then putting some aloe gel after you take off the braces (on the red areas created by the tightness of the braces) seemed to help ease the rash. Of course different stuff works for different people. In time you'll find what works best for you.
  • Bear in mind that there are just some activities that are somewhat too uncomfortable for you to do with braces on and it's okay to admit this to the teachers. School is a hot and uncomfortable place most days for braces-wearers. This may seem like an unappealing or embarrassing idea, but letting your teachers know your condition can be very very helpful. Granted, as a teenager I did use the scoliosis excuse to get out of unpleasant activities such as playing netball under a 40 degree sun.. (hahaa) but the reality is some teachers can be supportive and helpful. And the ones who aren't should be ashamed of themselves! Hehh.. that's the reality of life, folks. For instance, when I was 13 and 14 years old, I was in the evening session. On Mondays we used to have "perhimpunan" in the courtyard, right there under the hot afternoon sun. Sometimes the heat just got too much for me and I had to ask to sit at the canteen, out of the sun. Yesss I will not deny that being singled out made me feel like a freak sometimes, but it was better to face the reality of the situation rather than making a scene of fainting right there in the middle of the perhimpunan! Right? So... do try to realise what you can and cannot do, and don't be ashamed to admit it.
  • Try to arrange for an occasional "time-off" period for important sports activities and such, if necessary. For instance, for sports activities (what we used to call as PJ; Pendidikan Jasmani, or for extra-curricular activities), my mom used to allow some "time off" from wearing the braces. You could say those were the highlights of my days ;) For extra-curricular activities (house practice, sports society/club and such), I'd leave the braces at home, Dad would send me to school and fetch me afterwards, then I'd wear the braces again once I got home. PJ was another different matter though. It was tough convincing my parents to let me go to school the whole day without the braces, so after much sulking (on both parts) we reached a compromise. I joined the class for PJ in the fields every alternate week. One week I'd be allowed to go to school without braces on days that had PJ classes. Then the next week I would have to sit in the shades while I watched my friends play netball because it was too hot and uncomfortable for me to join any strenuous exercise activities with the uncomfortable Milwaukee and Boston braces on. Why is "time-off" an important option for you to consider? Because wearing braces should not mean that you must stop your favourite activities or put your life on halt. It's important to continue pursuing your hobbies, just remember to plan your schedule, and plan ahead.
However, with the recent developments in braces-making, more dynamic and flexible braces such as the SpineCor brace shown above would mean that scoliosis patients could participate more in physical activities. If anyone has experience in this, please share your experiences with us.

And then there's of course the issue of your emotional state of mind when wearing the braces to school. But that's another story altogether, so we'll talk about that in another entry.

So do share your tips, people. Braces-wearing doesn't have to be a miserable, imprisoning ordeal if we manage it well, God willing! :)


drnick said...


Great blog.

Please see for more information on the spinecor brace and scoliosis in general.

The SpineCor brace is regarded as the only dynamic corrective soft brace that is in existence in Malaysia today.



Jaster said...

Great Blog. I already be your follower. Keep it up!

Nina said...

drnick; thanks for the input and info. appreciate it!

jaster; thanks for the support! if u've got any stories to share, pls do. thanks :)

Anonymous said...


I really enjoyed reading your blog. I have scoliosis and I enjoy reading about the back and scoliosis on blogs and other websites.. I am very pleased with the SpineCor brace that I started wearing since Nov 2004. I have hardly any back pain and there has been some improvement in my curve. It took a while but I got used to it and I appreciate the support it gives my back. A couple of people have told me that I look straighter now. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to use the SpineCor brace. If you want more information on it go to Anyways I look forward to all the updates. Thanks again.


maizatul said...

im interested in the spineCor brace you talked about. i would like to know how much is the cost for that? does it available in malaysia?


Moira Robertson said...

Hi Maizatul
SpineCor has been in Malaysia for the past few years and is gaining more and more interest due to the fact it is more comfortable, easy to use and and still has the same effect on your scoliosis as does the hard brace if not better. Compliance of the brace is well suited to the Malaysian climate as well. You can visit for more info. Regards Moira

Miyah said...


My name is Miyah, I am 8 years old and I live in Texas in the United States. I have been wearing a Spinecore Brace since I was 18 months old. Thank you for sharing your story with me, it really helps to know I am not the only one wearing a brace!

Yours Truly,

Annie Lima said...

My father in law has been suffering from back pain since 6 years and he is a Grocery business man. For this reason he has to sit in his chair for a long time. After using back brace he feels comfort.. So I think it is a great way to reducing pain. This article has shown this. Thank you.

Lily Khan said...

I am 34 years old . I am using back brace I feel comfort now . Thank you.