Monday, June 1, 2009

HUKM Specialist Centre

This was where I had both my surgeries and this is the first stop for me in my attempt to reach out to specialists and patients alike in my hopes for a scoliosis support group. The only problem is that it is always a tad difficult to get through to HUKM phone lines. Oftentimes noone would answer its main line. And with the specialist centre, I think they changed their numbers recently and that's why I've been having difficulties reaching them. But I will keep trying. After all, I've waited nearly 19 years for this. The idea was always there, but studies and work always took up most of my time.

I am positive I'd get the opportunity to see Prof Mat without much difficulty. He always makes time for his patients and would see me whenever I stop by to say hi (whenever I'm in the neighbourhood). The only issue here is to find out when his clinic day is at the HUKM Specialist Centre because that is the best place to catch him face-to-face.

My next focus is the "marketing" aspect. How to inform people of this blog and how I hope to gather Scoliosis patients together for an support network. Am in the process of working this one out and will update on this soon.

Wish me luck, everyone. I hope this idea will really take off and materialises itself.


Turns out that now Prof Mat's clinic days are usually seen to by other doctors than himself. Doctors from his team, I was told. We'll see how this one pans out.

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fuad said...

hi, i have a friend who suffered from scoliosis. the problem is her parents seem like do not take this problem seriously. so, she does have problem to overcome this.

can you give some guidelines on how can she contact the HUKMSC? and if possibles, the fees as well. thank you.

may Allah bless you :)